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Gamelan Music of Cirebon, Indonesia: Volume 4

by Gamelan Sinar Surya

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This is the fourth album from Gamelan Sinar Surya, a group of musicians and dancers from Santa Barbara, California, USA who have dedicated themselves to the preservation and flowering of the traditional arts of Cirebon, Indonesia.

Included here are 15 pieces from four forms of traditional Gamelan music found in Cirebon: Gamelan Prawa, Gamelan Pelog, Gong Renteng, and Denggung. Many of these classic pieces are rarely heard these days, including two especially rare and beautiful old pieces (Abduhu and Bragalan) from the old north coast Java sultanate of Banten, which was founded by Sunan Gunung Jati before he became the second king of Cirebon in 1479 CE.

The album is also focused on three traditional gamelan instruments that are on the verge of extinction in Cirebon: Gender, Kemanak, and Brong. It is our hope that these traditional pieces and instruments will be preserved in the Cirebon gamelan tradition. Salam Budaya πŸ™πŸΌ

This album is dedicated to my teacher and mentor the late Pak Enoch Atmadibrata, who first brought me to Cirebon in 1976 where I immediately fell in love with the culture, especially the music. Hatur nuhun Pak πŸ™πŸΌ


Ini adalah album keempat dari Gamelan Sinar Surya, sebuah kelompok musisi dan penari dari Santa Barbara, California, USA yang telah mendedikasikan diri kepada pelestarian dan pengembangan seni tradisional Cirebon, Jawa Barat, Indonesia.

Dalam album ini terdapat 15 buah lagu dari 4 jenis gamelan tradisional yang terdapat di Cirebon: Gamelan Prawa, Gamelan Pelog, Gong Renteng, dan Denggung. Banyak lagu klasik di album ini yang sudah sangat jarang sekali terdengar pada saat ini, termasuk dua lagu kuno yg indah (Abduhu dan Bragalan) dari Kesultanan Banten, yg didirikan oleh Sunan Gunung Jati sebelum dia jadi raja kedua Kesultanan Cirebon sekitar tahun 1479 M.

Album ini juga fokus pada tiga waditra Gamelan yang terancam punah di Cirebon, yaitu: Gender, Kemanak, dan Brong. Harapan kami, lagu-lagu tradisional dan instrumen-instrumen ini akan tetap di lestarikan di tradisi Gamelan Cirebon. Salam Budaya πŸ™

Album ini di dedikasikan untuk guru dan mentor saya (alm) Pak Enoch Atmadibrata, yang pertama kali membawa saya ke Cirebon pada tahun 1976 dimana saat itu saya langsung jatuh cinta dengan budaya Cirebon terutama Gamelan. Hatur nuhun Pak πŸ™


released June 6, 2022

Nayaga / Musicians:
Ludwig Adisiswiyo
Lex Benes
Felicia Danon North
Walker Delbo
Ed Dorsey
Estrella Fierroz
Stephanie Kao
Chimaway Lopez
Yuanqi Lyu
Noah Malik
Ian Martyn
C. Nielson
Richard North (director)
Kendra Oviedo
Ethan Schwartz
Heena Yoon

Juru Rekam / Recording Engineer: Ian Martyn
Catatan / Liner Notes: Richard North
Desain / Design: Felicia Danon North
Alih Bahasa / Indonesian Translation: Agung Sedayu

Direkam / Recorded 2019


all rights reserved


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